Monday, June 21, 2010

Taryn Andre

Taryn! when i first met Taryn, i thought she was very strange!
in fact, when i met her she was wearing a black,,, all black outfit,when a veil. haha
isnt that funny. im sure some people would have had the wrong conception of taryn , but i understood where she was coming from.
it was actually Halloween night.
I was Michael
anyways Taryn is very cool to me

and i think she is very talented
she inspires me in some ways, just look at her cool hair.
i have never had a serious convo with her, but i can tell that it would be something serious.

the reason i am writing about Taryn is because she reminds me of myself and to always be myself.
love u shawty. stay a weirdo! J)
btw she made the dress she has on :P


  1. Haha! thanks for the dedication post mike. I forgot I was wearing a black veil!!!

  2. no prob buddy! and yes i remember quite well!