Monday, June 21, 2010

I forgot to put the Oil in the Cake.(Giving up)

I forgot to put the oil in the cake.
Literally. i was makeing a strawberry/red velvet cake and i did everything right except putting the oil in it. does that mean the cake is no good/
NO! it doesnt.
you can apply this to everyday uses.
I try to tell people that if there is a will, then there is a way.

They usually look at me like im crazy though.
but it does not bother me , because to me.. all of the "crazy" peole i have met, are basically just telling the truth,
and some people, well alot of people just cant handle the truth. they have grew up i lies, so everything is so backwards to them... so for example.
:today at work (fashion retail) this girl wanted this button up shirt that this other girl had on.. it was light blue,kinda blue jean-ish, but not really, ..

so there were 2 versions of the shirt was was like a mid drift? like it stopped in the middle/lower stomach. idk. im not a fashion major.. but the other version was just a regular length shirt. i told her if she really wanted it, then u could cut it, and fold it, and blah blah blah. just telling her that she could make it work..
and she started giving me all these excuses about how it would look and blah blah blah. i said ok. well we dont have the shirt maam. im sorry. but there is nothing i can do if u dont want to help yourself.

long story short, if the is a will then there is a way,
if you just give up so easily on things, then you will never achieve anything.
dont ever give up because ...,
"giving up is permanent,
defeat is only temporary" be trill.

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