Monday, June 21, 2010

I forgot to put the Oil in the Cake.(Giving up)

I forgot to put the oil in the cake.
Literally. i was makeing a strawberry/red velvet cake and i did everything right except putting the oil in it. does that mean the cake is no good/
NO! it doesnt.
you can apply this to everyday uses.
I try to tell people that if there is a will, then there is a way.

They usually look at me like im crazy though.
but it does not bother me , because to me.. all of the "crazy" peole i have met, are basically just telling the truth,
and some people, well alot of people just cant handle the truth. they have grew up i lies, so everything is so backwards to them... so for example.
:today at work (fashion retail) this girl wanted this button up shirt that this other girl had on.. it was light blue,kinda blue jean-ish, but not really, ..

so there were 2 versions of the shirt was was like a mid drift? like it stopped in the middle/lower stomach. idk. im not a fashion major.. but the other version was just a regular length shirt. i told her if she really wanted it, then u could cut it, and fold it, and blah blah blah. just telling her that she could make it work..
and she started giving me all these excuses about how it would look and blah blah blah. i said ok. well we dont have the shirt maam. im sorry. but there is nothing i can do if u dont want to help yourself.

long story short, if the is a will then there is a way,
if you just give up so easily on things, then you will never achieve anything.
dont ever give up because ...,
"giving up is permanent,
defeat is only temporary" be trill.

Being happy

Being happy means love filling your heart.
Well that is what it means to me.
Finding a nice looking,sexy,smart,fun to be around person could make you happy..
or they could just help you to realize everything that you are happy about..
I have tried "talking" to a few people in my lifetime.
Honestly,they didn't really make me happy, with the exception of a few.
what made me happy is the fact that realized that i dont need anyone else o make me happy
and if i do find someone, then that's just a plus.
I find many things thats make me happy.

Some of the things are,ice cream,finding out really cool information about life,and nature,being tacky from time to time, seeing other people happy,making other people smile, and most definitely being myself and acting silly and jumping around and laughing and stuff.

For you, seeing somebody wear your creation, or they like the way that your cake taste can make you happy, and even if people do not like these things, you do, so guess what, be happy about it because people have other problems than what meets the eye and sometimes they tend to take it out on people or things.

Also i think that people let other people take control of your life, like just because they are talking about you, what is that suppose to mean..
im sure you talk about yourself sometimes so if they talking about you.. so what!
you guys were all created equally and no person wealthy or poor,big or small, skinny or the size of a penny.lmao.. is better than the other.

Either way,people are going to talk about you, they have their own problems,help them talk about you,and laugh with them.

I try to always think in certain situations.. is it worth it.. am i hurting someone including myself? and will it make me happy.

live ,learn,forgive,let go, and laugh it off. time to bounce. bye.

8;28 .. 6/22/2010 .. AS I MAKE A HALF STRAWBERRY/RED VELVET CAKE. with cream cheese icing.

Taryn Andre

Taryn! when i first met Taryn, i thought she was very strange!
in fact, when i met her she was wearing a black,,, all black outfit,when a veil. haha
isnt that funny. im sure some people would have had the wrong conception of taryn , but i understood where she was coming from.
it was actually Halloween night.
I was Michael
anyways Taryn is very cool to me

and i think she is very talented
she inspires me in some ways, just look at her cool hair.
i have never had a serious convo with her, but i can tell that it would be something serious.

the reason i am writing about Taryn is because she reminds me of myself and to always be myself.
love u shawty. stay a weirdo! J)
btw she made the dress she has on :P